My boys are delicious!

I have three delicious boys, not including my husband whom I call Yummy. If you have read my blogs here or at super suburb mom you will quickly learn that I am a bit corny and somewhat sappy; I am completely ok with that. Tonight as each hugged and kissed me goodnight and said all the delicious things boys say to their mamas while going to sleep It hit me once again that my boys are delicious.

My boys are 9,7 and 5 I also have an 8-year-old daughter who is fabulous but that my friends requires its own little blog. My boys are scrumptious, absolutely delicious, so much so that I just want to hug and squeeze them all day long. Fortunately for me they still allow me to do that from time to time. My first coherent words post c-section drugs to my husband were ” I hate the bitch he is going to marry him”. My husband who is more afraid of post partum hormones than seeing the placenta just looked at me as if I was crazy. He just didn’t get that the moment I saw this delicious little face the thought of sharing him with anyone was horrifying. I quickly realized that my daughter in-laws should my sons choose to marry will certainly and justifiably hate me. I am pretty sure of this. My first son, is a saint, the kid has a heart of gold. He has no idea if kids are being mean to him or making fun of him. He sees the good in all, it’s almost heart breaking. He is most certainly going to marry a dominant woman who will hate me. Can’t say I blame her.

My second son whom I call Delicious is the bad boy girls love. It is hard to believe that he is almost  7 and I already know this. That boy is handsome, smart and just trouble in a good kid kind of way. My first clue was at preschool when the parent teacher conference started with “well we are having some trouble with your son.  The problem is all the girls want to marry him and all the boys want to be his best friend. IF they can’t sit next to him at circle they all break down” Meanwhile my son had no idea and if he did he acted like he didn’t. Then there is the third. This kid can play the baby role to the T but he is savvy and smart and has three older siblings to learn from. This kid is cute delicious and all kinds of trouble. My husband and I are pretty sure we will be bailing out boy #2 & 3 out of jail at some point (joking for course).

So here I am married to the man of my dreams for 11 years.My MIL is a nice easy-going woman who has never interfered with anything in our marriage or parenting or anything for that matter. The woman is a saint. She raised a saint and yet I resent her at times. Why? well, because my husband  becomes a large vagina when she comes to visit. OMG it is all about pleasing her for the 3 days she visits. He tells me that if she only comes for 3 days once a year why can I not be more compliant. Well, I guess I am just a b****. Actually I am really nice but I do get a little bit of a jealous nasty side when I have to compete for my husbands attention. It all started when my first was born and my husband made the mistake saying how great she was with the baby and I should watch and learn. Ladies you know I will never recover from that one.

So I have  made a decision should one of my boys decide to marry I will tell my DIL this.

1. you will hate me at some point and that is ok

2. You will love me until you get the ring.

3. You will like me until the wedding.

4. I will annoy you once you have kids.

5. You can blame me for all the things my son does wrong in your eyes and that is ok just so long as you love him.

6. You will consider me competition until you have been married to him longer than he lived with me.

7.  You will eventually love me despite yourself and I will love you despite myself.,THis will take years but we will get there.

Eventually we will both live to make him happy and that will be the common link that bonds us.

So, here I am with three boys each unique in their own way, each delicious and each the apple of my eye. I treasure each moment I have with them for I know soon if I have done my job these moments will come to an end. The b***** will come and take away my boys and I will find myself blogging about the monster that married them but truly I will be happy for raising men who can love and raise a family for their own. I love my delicious boys and hope one day they will find a love of their own and give me more blog topics to write about. I can just see it now. The B**** my boys married. love them and hate them.

My boys are delicious!!!! Thank you God.


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